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MADE IN THE USA. We design, illustrate and create it all here. The “Compact Reference and Field Manual” (Pocket survival guide) Is unlike other booklets out there. From a couple of curious kids long ago in the north country, to now as big (still curious) kids, we have distilled years of research and problem solving into something that’s Tiny, and packed full of useful real world and survival content.  It looks different, because it is. Sometimes you just need to create what you dream, in order to have it.   Visit our home on the web for the Survival guide, and our other unique preparedness gear like the “MAC-Gyver kit”.

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Such a cool booklet! I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of information on many topics...A nice change from all the "run-of-the-mill" regurgitated stuff thats on the market. I found a hidden code inside the booklet, and the guys at ACW sent me a gift, great company and product!!!!
Alisha, Social Inc
The ACW Compact Reference and Field Manual is inspired and brilliant!! It distills a panoply of information including something right out of Emily Post: setting up a dinner setup, to include the placement of utensils and their function. Of course the manual serves as a catalog for the items they sell. That is alright because the reader is given novel tips on their uses. That sold me because I already own their MacGuyver pack and bought the manual and some of their recommended goodies. The manual is already in my cargo pants and I intend to buy more for the entire family. I suggest you do the same. Keep these guys in business because the tools they offer are invaluable. They have become one of my favorites, if not my favorite military/survival/prepper vendor. Well done!!
Member EAR
acw member
That manual is bad-ass. I mean, wow. I just spent over 2 hours reading through it and I still haven’t gone through the entire thing! I can tell a lot of time/energy went into its creation — from deciding what material/info to include to how its presented — your efforts have not gone unnoticed! I’ve already laughed out loud several times and look forward to reading the rest of it.
Member C.W.
acw member

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